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community partnerships

Community Partnerships Plan:

The vision of the countries is based on the strengths they possess. Therefore, the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came according to its leading position in the world as a strategic depth, and according to its investment power and its strategic position among the three strategic countries. The vision of our beloved kingdom is based on 3 axes: a vibrant society - a prosperous economy - and an ambitious country. These axes are integrated to achieve the goals and visions and the main pillars of the ambitious Vision 2030. And Saudi Arabia is witnessing mobility and activities to engage everyone in the development within the process of society make the most of the resources and energies and benefit through community-based partnerships as a means important in promoting the integration of these core themes to see 2030 in the thread needs of the community with the relevant authorities commensurate with the ambitious aspirations

Defines community partnership as a partnership between two parties, each party seeks to achieve common goals contribute to the translation of basic goals and strategies for each side (government or private individuals or institutions (through practices and activities and effectiveness of the joint on the ground so as to achieve them integration in various fields of physical and possibilities And humanity.

Foundations of community partnership:

-                     The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

-                     National Transformation 2020.

-                     The general strategies of the Ministry of Education.

-                     The general strategy of King Abdul-Aziz University.

-                     The priorities and basic needs of the educational and academic field.

Therefore, community partnerships are considered an important axis in the field of education, and they are one of the most prominent manifestations of societal orientation, which King Abdul-Aziz University has taken as a vision and mission for it. To take the initiative by community institutions and individuals towards contributing to meeting the needs of the community as a whole.

From this standpoint, King Abdul-Aziz University launched a community partnerships platform under the supervision and follow-up of the University's General Department of Social Responsibility.



Community Partnerships Observatory:

It is an electronic platform that collects, monitors and documents societal agreements and partnerships concluded by the university and its sectors with various internal or external bodies, as it is registered by the partnerships officer in the university sectors to be an electronic reference.


1)      Seeking to achieve the objectives of the 2030 vision of integration and harmony between the different entities and sectors inside and outside the university.

2)      The sectors and related parties are encouraged to play a more effective role in activities, events and initiatives.

3)      Enhancing the university’s orientation in automating all university transactions, and accessing an electronic university without paper.

4)      Promote cooperation between the university, government institutions and the community.

5)      Finding channels of communication between the university sectors and the relevant authorities in activating community partnerships.

6)      The participation of the relevant authorities in addressing the challenges facing the community through community partnerships.

7)      Securing a database of community partnerships concluded by the university and its sectors, and limiting them under one umbrella.

8)      Providing and facilitating coordination mechanisms between the university and its sectors and other external bodies.

9)      Improving and developing the efficiency and speed of retrieval and presentation of information on community partnerships at the university.

Performance indicators for sectors' interaction with community partnerships:

1)      Number of community partnerships concluded.

2)      The number of effective community partnerships.

3)      The number of programs implemented by community partnerships.

4)      Number of beneficiaries of community partnerships.

Information provided by the observatory:

1)      The number of community partnerships concluded with the university and its sectors.

2)      A list of the topics of all community partnerships concluded by the university and its sectors.

3)      A list of the names of the persons responsible inside and outside the university for the partnerships concluded.

4)      Effective and ineffective community companies.

5)      Number of programs implemented through concluded community partnerships.

The supervisory authority of the Community Partnerships Observatory:

-                     General Administration of Social Responsibility at the university

Target group:

-                     Affiliates of King Abdul-Aziz University

-                     The public and private sectors and the charitable sector.

-                     Members of the Society

Platform operation method:

-                     A coordinator for community partnerships is identified and this is done via the following link: Click Here 

-                     Activate the coordinator's account on the platform.

-                     The information on the partnerships and agreements concluded is filled out

-                     Preparing periodic reports for all community partnerships concluded at King Abdul-Aziz University.

-                     Submitting reports to the concerned authorities.

To enter the Social Partnerships Observatory at King Abdul-Aziz University, via the following link:

Click Here




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